Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brand new...

So, by suggestion of my dear friend Erin at Bluebirdbaby, I decided to start a blog. And I know next to nothing about "blogging" as an art...although I am eager to learn. So here it goes.
Our lives are pretty simple, we live, we work, we play. I have two young daughters and a husband who works as a timberframer who wishes to be a painter. I went to college for writing and have ended up not doing much of that in the almost ten years since I graduated. Instead I have had two babies and lived all over the country. My days are spent with children, my own and the family's who I work for- and I love it. I try and incorporate as simple a day as I can, teaching by example the sweetness of having a life close to the earth. I have dreams of becoming a Waldorf (Lifeways)childcare provider, but that will have to wait.
So that's it...

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