Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's a double decaf mocha kind of day, right?

One day last week my friend Jane and I declared it a decaf mocha kind of a day. We even went as far as the cafe. However, with my pocket full of quarters, I couldn't bring myself to spend a whole handful on the pricey drink. I ordered coffee. The practical and oftimes boring beverage in a cafe. From years at working at cafes, I can safely say my favourite customers where the ones who simply wanted a good cup of coffee. They weren't fancy in their wants, they just wanted the plain simple delicious drug of choice. I hated customers like me. The "can I have a  decaf au lait?" "oh and wait can I have soy milk?" and then "wait, can I make that a latte instead?"  Mind you, I am not always that way... but like everybody, there are days with me when I can't be a hospitable customer and the cafe people just want to strangle me.
I can see it in their eyes.

I miss being behind that counter somedays. I was a barista on and off from the time I was eighteen up until this past December, right before my second little bundle was born. (At the end I had people saying "YOU are still here???!!!) So...yeah, a long time. And I might go back. Someday. I love coffee. Every single darn thing about it.  The only times I have been affectively able to stop drinking it with any regularity was when I was pregnant and the smell of it made me vomit. (Yup, that would do it, huh?)

So. Anyway. We've been watching the rain come down for days and days and days. I see my farmer friends nearing tears over it. I watch the chickens in heaven, eating every worm that pokes it's daring head up and the sprouts that lay rotting on my garden. My daughter runs out into the rain every chance she gets, getting soaking wet and giggling hysterically. Joyfully. Six years old and still in love with the world... 
So we put on our boots and make peace with it.
As a friend of mine said at the farmer's market yesterday, "Hey, at least it's no 2009."

Can I have whipped cream on my mocha?

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