Thursday, June 30, 2011


I love coffee.
I just do.
All these people with their hardcore addictions...Secretly I understand because my obcession/adoration of this drink. I can only ever not even look it in the eye when I am pregnant (I made Nathalie's dad grind and brew coffee in the hallway of our apartment building in Portland so that I couldn't smell it...) But that is seriously the only time in life where I haven't simply drooled at the idea.
Cafe au lait, lattes, mochas, espresso, and straight up coffee. (I suppose technically you can't get any straighter then a shot of is simply less water and more finely ground...and pressure.)

Travis and I used to go out for super early morning coffee and walks over bridges. We were those people, sitting outside the cafe, waiting at seven a.m.  We'd squeeze together on a couch and look at picture books of old English houses or country side. Try to daintily sip coffee, when in reality we both gulp it down so fast it's more like water.

The most used piece of equipment in our kitchen, besides the stove itself, is the french press. That little beauty has been in my world for about ten years. (I love you, french press.)

Now onto our day... Nathalie came down with a high fever yesterday afternoon. And by evening it wasn't any lower, but she didn't really have any other symptoms. Poor girl. She watched movies and sipped juice through a straw. And then, she found a tick on her head. Ah ha.  So not sure what this means...but we will spend the day relaxing and watching to see what happens next.  Maybe making a trip to the drug store for some much despised antibiotics...

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