Friday, June 3, 2011

grown up teeth!

Well... my big girl lost her 4th tooth on Tuesday morning.
We were on the way to school and it just popped out! She was so thrilled....mostly because now she and her buddy Maggie are teeth twins. (Meaning they both are missing the same tooth!

I think that other one is close behind because it leans all to one side... Making me gasp with utter disgust...!
Loose teeth are so incredibly creepy! It is really fun to have the tooth fairy visit so frequently though. Having so much magic in our midst is really wonderful. And Nathalie is so proud.
I can't wait to watch her try and eat an apple with no teeth.

The little one is growing by leaps and bounds daily too. She now grabs at everything- including the cooking pots and everybody's nose. She LOVES her big sister best of all, and grins whenever she is near. Or looks at her like this...which totally cracks me up.

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