Sunday, August 28, 2011

the grand plan

This week Travis has been working over at the house, framing in things (bathroom walls and a place for the refridgerater to go) AND building our staircase. Very exciting that things are beginning to take shape in there, and now everytime we go over Nathalie says, "Are you guys gonna talk about the house AGAIN?" And we sweetly ignore her and discuss the kitchen counters, the stair lighting, couch lust (sigh...), the entry way and my newest inspiration of a chalkboard wall under the staircase for little one's endless artwork. Great fun this house building thing is turning out to be...I only wish I were able to be more then one armed labour.
My current grand plan is that when a sweet and wonderful grandmother comes to visit we will be able to get TONS done because I will simply hand over my squeaky little monkey and help out with both arms and all the crazy desire I've had all summer long to be a better wife and fellow house builder. (Standing there pointing out what needs to be done, is, as Travis put it yesterday, NOT helpful. HA!)

And one day, folks, we will be in our house!

awh, my girls.

exploring Papa's face...

Nathalie's lunch (and an apple from Ingrid's tree!)


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