Monday, October 3, 2011

Two little girls

Two little girls went on a walk one day
One was little and one was littler. Holding out her hand the little one said to the littlest, "Let me show you the things I've seen."
And off they went to explore.
First they came to a meadow. "See the blackberries growing," said the little one, "See the pine trees touching the earth."
"Yes," said the littlest.

Next they came to the shore. "See the waves and the pale bumpy seaweed," said the little girl.
"Yes," said the littlest.

Next they came back to their own back yard.
"See the chickens and all their feathers, each one is different," said the little one.
"Yes," said the littlest.

Holding her big sister's hand, the littlest one looked up at her sister with a big smile on her face.
"Look," she said, "They are just the same," turning their hands over and around, examining the lines and the skin of wrists and bones.
"Look, sister, we are just alike."

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