Monday, April 30, 2012

Night wakings

My littlest one was awake a good portion of last night.

Not sure why, but thinking about how this is a new season for her, so many new discoveries, I can see why a body might not want to shut down for the night. Teeth coming, flowers growing, tastes to discover (both food and otherwise), sights to behold, giggles to have (with a sweet and all knowing big sister...). So much wonderful  new things to find.

But I don't know if that is why she hasn't slept the past two nights. I'm trying to be a patient mama. Trying to just main-line the dark chocolate and assume this too will pass. After all, "she's so darn cute!"  Somehow, and it's still a mystery to me, but it seems as if many a mama has the ability to just wander on through your days, even in the trance like state of little or no sleep with a big huge hormone induced smile on her face. Strange as it may be, any new mama I've known will be like, "Yeah, I was up all night, but look at her teeth! And her cute ankles! And finger dimples!"
Admittedly, though, come ten pm when my brain is pure applesauce, and a certain someone doesn't want to sleep, I am not so charmed. (As in, "LAY down. Go to sleep. Leave me alone. Stop kicking me in the stomach. Now.") So many sides to this coin, huh?

And sixteen months in, something in me doesn't reallllllly want to stay up all night.
Her sister was a whole different can o' beans. She was eating everything in sight and sleeping soundly at one year. She never wanted me to hold her, and she refused to wear a diaper. At one year, she was essentially potty trained and would out eat me very easily.  I suppose it just goes to show how different babies can be. Another wee one I've known was also an incredible eater at one year, but still at three loves to be carried and wants to be, if given the option. Since we don't have that option too often anymore (the youngest has taken her place in the Ergo) she is content to ride in the stroller, with an occasional short walk.

I don't rush the wee one. She will do what she will do. And I will watch. And eventually, probably, I will get some sleep.

Until then, espresso!

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