Monday, May 21, 2012

Life around here.

After a week plus of a miserable cold that just won't kick it, I am now declaring that it must be allergies. Although I don't exactly think this is the case, I would like very much to get on with my life. I feel terrible, but when you know it's allergies you no longer have the excuse to lay around and mope. I want done with this cold. Still wiping the snot from my kid's noses, though, I want us done. Moving on.

Sundays around here are a holt in the normal flurry of activity, at least for us girls.

Not for my sweetie, however. He is in constant motion. This morning (Monday) the insulators are coming to blow in our walls...which should be insanely exciting! Next, dry wall, and then...painting...and floors...! It's getting closer and closer... And as many of you have asked, we are aiming for the fall to move in. Hopefully by then most of the trim and finish painting will be done and we won't have to move in and out on weekends to finish things up.  In the beginning we were hoping for late August, so my girl would be able to go to 2nd grade at Edgecomb Eddy school (where she started last year...). We are still hoping for a slim possibility of this, although we might not be all the way there...

The biggest bump in the road is that he has an art show in July that really needs some weekend attention. They asked for twenty pieces, and he is up last count...maybe ten. So... a month plus to go. That is slowing work on the house a bit. And a little munchkin who refuses to let her mama step in and do anything. The only solace in that is when she has a grandmother or dear friend who takes her for a few hours to play.
And after a few hours, both her and her mama feel the disconnect so hard they wonder where their arms have gone to. Funny thing about babies... you feel them in your arms even after they are gone. Whether they are suddenly too big to be held or when they are off with a babysitter... anything. Sometimes it's rather wonderful to find yourself again in that situation, but sometimes it aches in a blinding way, your children can be such a part of you.... Hence the whole media buzz of "attachment parenting."

Sunday around here is quiet. And mostly because it is just me and a little one. She accepts the quiet, mostly, but by dinner time grows bored of our routine. She watches the windows for signs of her sister or her papa. And over tiredness overtakes her and she launches into the sillies. Just in time to watch her mama and papa collapse into a tired heap on the bed that fills a room. She climbs over our heads and declares war on our bodies with kicks and then tries to peal open our eyelids. Sweet girl.

Monday morning...

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