Sunday, May 13, 2012

to be the mama

I always wanted to be a mama. Yup. I was that little girl, the one who carried around a baby doll at age three, cuddling and cradling. There are old photos, and I am sure my mother will attest.

I was also a child who had many mamas. I will always hold them dearly in my heart.

my mom and me.

my nana with my youngest, mother's day 2011

my mom an her two littlest grandchildren



one of my aunts... and in looking through all my photos I realized I don't have any photos of my other aunts! AH!

LOVE all my mamas out there... my dear sweet mama friends, and of course the mamas who made me the mama I wish to be... (Can only hope...!)

(PS. Maggie, I don't have any photos of you. I wish I had one of you cutting into pork belly.... Love you, though...)

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