Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rides with my little bean

Yesterday morning we packed up the car, brushed out our ferocious bed-head and headed north. Up the coast we drove, my little bean and I, just us two. I used to do this when my oldest was a babe, head out with no destination really and just our whims to take us on a grand adventure. Usually it was only until the midday nap...which could have been one or two... depending. We would find ourselves in Blue Hill, Belfast, Portland, Cape Elizabeth... wherever struck our fancy.

So we picked this day (which of course turned out to be the hottest of the summer as of yet) and headed up the coast. We made it to Camden, where we discovered a lovely farmers market where we sampled some yummy gluten free granola (Lucy's...) and said howdy to some friends who were baking in the heat. Contemplated pizza for breakfast, and then ambled on.

Our next stop was Laite Beach, which was lovely and more or less abandoned. My wee one is generally not a fan of water, but I am trying to warm her up to the idea. We played in the smooth sand and drew designs with our fingertips and toes. Collected smooth dark round rocks and periwinkles that would be later strung for a sister...

This is the "I am SO no cool with this beach thing, Mama, what were you thinking" face. 

Well... maybe...

Heading back Rockport way, we stopped at Aldemere Farm, home of the lovely Belted Galloway cows. This farm is a part of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, and is a lovely place to visit. The animals are friendly and the volunteers even more so. Beef is also for sale...and as tempted as I was, the heat kept me from buying any. The volunteer said that it is lean and delicious.

Driving home I realized how our lives here are so stuck in one or two small towns and routines, and it's ok, really, but something about it makes me want to sometimes venture out. You forget the whole rest of the world out there, stuck in the community who knows you well and whom you know...and something about being unknown and anonymous, for even a day...

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