Monday, June 20, 2011

After all

Yesterday morning, Stella and I went to the land to see Travis. He was working away on the support system for the addition, carving out the joints in gorgeous long timbers. Heck of a job for father's day on his first celebrated father's day ever, but there he was. My sweet and dedicated love, working away in the woods with all the mosquitoes. That guy. Sometimes it just astounds me how much I adore him and how lucky we are to have him in our worlds.
We brought him a big double latte from Treats. (Fancy coffee...)

He perched himself up on one of the beams with Stella in one arm, coffee in the other as I viciously attacked what once was the garden before the chickens got to it. It still is a garden in many respects, there are so many things that simply volunteered to come up in the very composted horse and cow manure that we spread over it all last year before we planted. Last year we had the craziest squash vines you could ever imagine and tomatoes that would take over the world. And my huge pregnant self was just flat out too exhausted to cope come the end of the growing season, so everything was just kind of left there. So, this year, TONS of teensy (but growing!) tomatoes have come up, as well as some random squash.
So yesterday, all by myself, my little helper watching from a good 10 feet away in the safety of her papa's arms, I pulled so many weeds it felt like I was starting from scratch. My body suddenly recalled what it is like to work so hard...and yeah, it felt wonderful.
Holding a baby is hard work all on it's own, but remembering how to use your body again for something other then house work and dinner making... Yum. Lactic acid and all.

So in the garden the chickens once devoured (before something devoured them...) we now have beets, carrots, tomatoes (!!!), squash, lettuce, kale and a few peas. Not to mention rosa rugosa, lemon balm, chocolate mint, oregano, thyme, and johnny jump ups. 
Love love loving it. This is just the best time of year.

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