Thursday, June 23, 2011


So, it is officially summer now.

And it's not even light yet, and POURING. My family is still snoozing away and I am sitting here in the dark drinking the biggest cup of english breakfast tea with honey and milk, making peace with the fact that it's coming down in buckets out there. Which means no work in the dirt today. Or laundry on the line. Or running on the beach with my beautiful little girls.
Soon enough, huh?

Solstice came and went. A friend told me it was the longest day of the year. And I agreed. It seemed never ending, and by the end of the day, like any other, we were all exhausted.
I guess that is the thing about the days being longer, we try and pack more into them.


gelato eating
lunch with grandpa (my dad) having
puddle stomping
garden checking
baby washing
papa hugging
almond butter buying
coffee drinking

That's probably enough.
How about you?

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