Friday, June 10, 2011

After the storm

It rained all night.
I laid in bed and listened to the rain pounding down on the wooden porch outside our bedroom window. We left the windows open last night to let the air in- after such a sticky day the cool air of evening felt so good.
The baby was slimey with sweat by the time we went to bed. I turned on the fans and fell asleep in a chair with Stella nursing and a book in my hand. When I woke up this morning (in my bed, I moved in there somewhere...) I couldn't fall back to sleep with the knowing I had two giant batches of cookies to bake for the store and my dad's birthday cake to make.
The girls slept with the sweet thickness that children do. My sweetheart snored gently beside me. I lay in bed this morning and listened to my family sleep after the rain stopped. So grateful for them this day. Every day.

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