Sunday, June 12, 2011

brothers and cousins

My nephew, Otis, is quite the six year old. He is so like my own six year old it astounds me and watching the two kids play this past week was just the best. My oldest brother was visiting from Arizona for the past week, and I am really very sad that they are leaving today. It was so wonderful to spend time with him again- it's been so many years I can barely count. My brothers and I have histories of driving through the deserts together, eating peanut butter sandwiches in grocery store parking lots. Eating chocolate cake with mountains of ice cream, walking up craters and over beaches. Driving. Driving. Driving. Suburban Illinois neighbourhoods and corn fields, mosquitoes in the Maine woods and mud flats.
Watching our children play reminds me so much of us as children. They have this crazy joy for each other and the only moment in the entire world is that one. They were born a month apart from each other, on opposite sides of the country. We've been able to get together a handful of times since they have been here on earth, but this last visit was so vividly wonderful- because they are out of the baby stage and will remember it and the time they spent together chasing each other on the beach, eating ice cream, laughing, getting in trouble at the pizza place. Cuddling with their baby cousins (and sister!).
Just the best. Yeah. Thanks for coming, Jed, I do love you and your wonderful little family. (And so great to meet your lovely Katherine!)  Can't wait to see you again.

chilly swims at Reid State Park...

all the cousins with Grandpa

Grandpa's birthday cake and ice cream!

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