Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diapers on the line

It's five a.m. So far this morning I have already had one cup of coffee, kissed my sweetie goodbye (he is off to Bar Harbour for work for the day...), and stared aimlessly at the hanging laundry. Got down my seed box once again and tried to figure out (in my unmarked garden...I never mark anything and then forget where I planted stuff) what didn't come up. Peeked at my sleeping girls and fell in love with their big cheeks once again.
Remembered my dreams and realized they held the very stuff of life...death and love. Someone told me that death in dream just means rebirth...but that's hard for me to swallow. I woke in tears and didn't want to be where I was in my sleep. Feeling my sweet little one beside me in our too large bed when I finally came back to this consciousness was a sort of sweet relief.

Today is Nathalie's last day of school. And then she is a big 1st grader.
We have big plans for the afternoon...of the celebration sort...we made it through...

Isn't that just the sweetest...?

more sweetness....

My big girl.
and my little one too.

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