Sunday, July 24, 2011

water babies

The past two days have been hovering around the 98 degree mark.
And luckily, we had our mini-vacation (not to mention ONLY) planned for about a month now up in my Mom's cabin on Androscoggin lake in Wayne, Maine. We had a wonderful couple of days, relaxing. So amazing to have the time and space for that... and all decided that more of that is very very important!
So we had two very wet, very happy, very sun drenched girls. And they both passed out on the drive home yesterday in the sweet relief of the air conditioned car.
It was such a great time with my family, swimming, eating, laughing, sailing (not the babies...or their mamas...) and just plain old straight up hanging out.

This was Stella's first experience in water that did not involve her screaming bloody fact she LOVED it!!!  And Nathalie is learning how to jump off the dock, and turn somersaults!
My big big girls.

and my nephew, Emery

Thanks for having us all, Mom! It was a blast!

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