Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Image Lust

This past Friday the wires finally began streaming around our house, which is very exciting. We began this whole project unsure if we really wanted electricity IN the house, simply because we were wanting to be as low cost as possible. Not only that, but we had this sweet idealistic (hippy) view that wouldn't it be nice and peaceful to have a home without the constant hum of the appliances.
After that wore off, we realized that it would be hard. Both my sweetie and I have lived with out electricity for a time, and we decided together that perhaps life with children and as adults (not idealistic kids in their twenties...) we wanted it. And this is the very same way that we decided we wanted plumbing. Even if it is not hooked up the day we move in, we want a toilet a possibility and the concept of someday having our washing machine useable a possibility. The mere thought of driving to the laundry mat and shelling out a lifetime's worth of quarters was simply more then either of us could stand. We've both been there. And now...building our home...  We both definitely have the desire to tread as softly on this earth as possible, but in the ever-changing world we live in, we decided that hippies though we may be seen as, we still want our running water and electricity. Eventually.

With the electrical wires coming in, with outlets and all, we also put a good number of walls up. Our house is really starting to look like something somebody might live in! It is easier now to go in and imagine the life we will soon be living over there...
And with that, I start daydreaming...

I have the sweet job of searching for images that really make me drool. Not only that, but I get to go to the flea markets and search for knobs for cupboards and other things that would be in my "dream house." I have never really had a space like this before, and it's fun to think that no matter what crazy things I think up, they are a possibility. An amazing thing. I suppose it is what every home builder/home owner gets to dream up, but all my life I have never lived in something that is truely my own. All through my late teens and twenties I have lived in apartments, barns, cabins; all that belonged to other people and I couldn't dream to my Libra heart's content. And so here we are...finally... It's like breathing a big huge sigh of relief. It's like graduating college. Or maybe not. I think it might be a more  real step to being an adult. (Wait, really? huh?) I graduated from college and  strangely didn't feel any older then when I was 18.

drawer pulls.

LOVE these....


Doesn't that look just like me???

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