Thursday, September 15, 2011

Night time nursing

Not very often, but once in a while, the baby keeps me up all night long. Usually it has to do with warmth, teeth, or if I am close enough to her in our king size bed. (She likes me to sleep close enough so that she can grab hold of my face first thing in the morning...pulling on my eyelids and my nose, IF I happen to sleep later then she does. Which is a rare event.) The nights I hardly ever sleep much are the nights she nurses all night long. We swap sides repeatedly  and she fusses and wiggles and grunts and groans.

The most brilliant discovery we have had in terms of this is the simple fact that most nights she kicks off all her blankets and is just plain cold. Travis remembered one night that she has this brilliant little sleep sack, that goes over her shoulders and zips up the I dug through all the new born stuff I had packed away and found it. The one we have is made of this incredibly soft Egyptian organic cotten. It's just plain wonderful. I almost wish I had one...
So, in any case, the nights she is wearing it we both sleep. Mostly. It's incredible.

But then you have nights like last night. And I start reading things about night weaning at three am when I am awake, and decidely for the day because somebody else has needed my body all night long and if I stay tucked in between my wiggly girls I will likely not sleep a wink.  So it becomes the kind of day where I drink too much decaf coffee (my substitute for the real thing- because then I really wouldn't sleep a wink...) and fantasize about espresso and gelato all day long.

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