Wednesday, October 19, 2011


A Tuesday in October was the first day I would "homeschool" my oldest daughter.  I tried to be organized, in some respects, mostly so that she wouldn't understand that I was riding without a map. I don't think she had any inkling of this fact, thank goodness.
Our day looked like this:

breakfast with each other and the baby
brush teeth, etc...
reading time
writing time
walking to the library (spending almost 1 and 1/2 hours there...)
coming home for lunch and naps (for the wee one...)
collecting bits of pieces of trees, the world and nature's beauty on the way home
(as in "Do I have more fir cones or horse chestnuts, Mama...? I'm gonna count and find out!")
quiet time/reading
walking to the cafe for a treat (15 cents...)
out door playing (jump roping, hopscotch, sidewalk drawing) and then with the neighbours (learning how slingshots work... and about 12 year old boys....)
dinner making/eating
cleaning up
getting ready for our company!!!

another day begins right now...

my girl in much she has changed!!!

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