Friday, November 4, 2011

these days

These days there hasn't been much time for much of anything. I've been trying to wade through the piles, hearing the mess crinkle around me, as we ready for the cold weather that keeps threatening on arriving. The sun still feels wonderful and hot, though we started pulling on the wool layers. I told a friend that I am in denial during these fall months. I suit the kids up enough so they sweat, but I try and get away with sweatshirts and light jackets until Christmas. Then it seems like it is really winter and maybe ok to wear down coats and winter boots. (although, however, I don't actually own winter boots. Every single year I make fun of myself brutally on this fact, because what's a Maine girl without winter boots? Welllll...I haven't owned a pair since I was a kid, unless you count Muck boots or Doc Martens. Thinking it might be the year to finally buy some when they go on clearance at Reny' March...)

Halloween and All soul's day passed, mostly uneventfully. We had two trick or treaters, which was a new all time high, considering we usually get none.  My big girl dressed up as Pocahontas, and I kept hoping that she meant the real Pocahontas, although I am fairly certain she had the disney princess in her mind.
Try as I might with library books and The People's History of the United States...  but I think she had a wonderful time. The little one wore a hand-me-down lion costume for all of about fifteen minutes. She looked hysterical, especially when she started in on her lion growl, on all fours of course, cruising around the floor. She grabbed one of the little candy bars we had in a basket and started wacking it against the wall. Funny girl.

We've been homeschooling for the past three weeks, and I think it's going pretty well. My girl had her first piano lesson yesterday (Thanks Kat!!!) and she LOVED it. She practices reading and writing everyday, does tons of art projects and playing. I'm not too disciplined on the academic aspect, but more leaning on the fun, and whatever strikes her interest.
It seems to be the way to go with her. She is so curious about everything. It's a beautiful thing to see. I don't know why I never considered doing this sooner. Last night we made lanterns out of all the empty recycled glass jars (not my beloved Mason jars, of course, just the empty mayo and nut butter jars...) She had a blast painting them.

girls in bed...


adorable company.

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