Friday, November 11, 2011

With Joy

After reading so much on the subject of thanks in the past couple of days, it seems only natural to start thinking about the things in my own life that make me just happy to the core and what I am grateful for. I don't know how and where to begin on this subject, simply because I can't help but feel on many days I have been blessed with a beautiful family and wonderful life. Although I know without a doubt that not everybody cares about ME and my own personal gratefulness for life.
This is about my family, and the lives we live together. At least that was the intention when I began this, earlier in the spring. I wanted a place to share our lives with our family and friends who live so far away that they can't see us often... so they can witness the growing beauty of the two gals whose joyful creative mischievious spirits fill our lives.
And so that is the number one in my world.

No big surprise, huh?
My girls, and Nevan.

Just to be wishy-washy, I want to express how much I appreciate the folks in my life who are my parents, and my children's grandparents. I had this realization yesterday of how much I miss my own grandparents, and the role they have played in my life... Watching my daughters adore and have so much fun with their various grandmothers and grandfathers... (strangely, with all the marriages, remarriages, partnerships, etc, they both haul out with more grandparents then you'd know what to do with! But it's wonderful! All the more love!!!)
at the Good August.

at the Fair.

And with that, Thank you. All my friends and family, I do so appreciate all that you give us, and your place in our lives.  I wish you well in this season coming.

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