Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sleep, sniffle, scuffle, spring

The week has been a bit of a challenge. New teeth coming, old ones falling out, fevers, SUPER runny noses, sore throats and one stressed out exhausted mama. But finding that is the way of mama-hood in some seasons. As my dear friend put it- "I want the days of happy, non-fevered, clear headed, etc children back..." Or something along those lines.

Not to complain, but it seems like this spring coming has been all about spring cleaning of our bodies. Every spring my big girl has a mad rush of sinus cleansing, which I explain is due to her papa's sinuses. She enjoys they share something.
We try and live as dirty a life as possible so that her immune system can do some building. (However, as many will tell you, I am a complete freak about hand washing. Before eating. After blowing your nose. After using the restroom. ETC.) But we love the dirt outside. The mud. The soil.
And inside. Well. We put things away, but as I admitted to my friend's house cleaner a couple weeks back, mopping is not my strong suit. I try and do it more often now that one of us spends the majority of her days ON the floor, on her hands and knees...but...well...
Four people living in three rooms with no storage to speak of is not exactly a recipe for a spotless life.

Right now seems like the perfect opportunity to pick my battles. And frankly, I'm not picking very many of them.

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