Saturday, April 14, 2012


We've been building our home and our lives together for what feels like forever. (Three years?)(And counting...)
Some mornings my sweetheart and I wake up and fondly remember back in the days when we had nothing more on a Saturday morning to do than drink coffee together and watch the day turn light (Before rushing off to work...). But now. Listening for little ones to stir, organizing a day filled with dirty and teeth clenching kind of upside-down work...  Life has taken a different turn. It's the way we can say, "Ok, in a year from now, we will be in our home. Moved in, and with only the stress of what happens next and daily bills." But yeah, every "next stage," is the next stage. It seems like there are no "easy" days in life. There are always stresses and bumps and hurtles.
We try and remind ourselves it's ok though, we chose this. And we are doing it together. For our family. Right?

Doing the "mindful-ness" thing, breathing.

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  1. oooh SO lovely, looks like a mix of swiss alps and hobbiton!
    here's to moving in soon!