Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Littest Bean

When my big girl was a teensy one, I had about ten zillion names I would call her. And still do. And somehow she fits each and everyone of them. Sweetie pie, darling girl, muffin... you know. Anything and everything that has slipped out in an affectionate juicy moment. Cuddling up to those gigantic cheeks... well, that girl has got a set like nobody I've ever seen (except maybe her papa). I always wondered if she would outgrow them as she grew up, and I am still wondering. They suit her fabulously, and give way to pinching, kissing, and loving up her adorable little face.
Her sister, however, has but one name. Little bean. Her long legs and skinny arms, her bright alive eyes...

Since Friday my little bean has been sick. We struggled through the first couple of days, not sure What was happening- owning much of it to the fact that her four canines were erupting at the same time. On Sunday, however, after yet another sleepless night, I made another trip to her pediatrician's office. There we discovered, after them doing a urine test, that she had a baby UTI. Wow. No wonder.
The past 24 hours has been a true change, getting the dreaded antibiotics into her body. But yes, I am again shocked sideways by the power of those things. Her fever gone and most sign of infection with it. What is left is a truly cranky and unhappy girl. She still doesn't quite have her old beans in her, but she is getting there. Finally, we slept a good night, (thank goodness- four nights of NO sleep was starting to show on her papa and I...) 
So here goes another day of recovery...

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