Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall's gone

This morning I woke up to a layer of white on the porch. It was still softly snowing, and the snow plows were already buzzing down the street clearing the way for the morning commuters.
As I do every winter I was struck with the reaction of both- "Awh, how lovely..." AND "Oh, crap, already?"
I'm not a winter person. I don't even own a pair of winter boots. Finally when I turned 25 I got for my birthday a fabulously warm LLBean winter coat, but in most all regards I am ill equipped to deal with the temperatures and temperment of a Maine winter. Mostly because I'm in denial. Mostly because somewhere deep inside I still think someday I will escape to the south of France or North Carolina for the winter. Sigh. Not likely anytime soon.

Our fall was a lovely and full one.
Work, play, sleep, repeat.
The oldest of the wee ones began school again, very happily. Last night she declared herself a "bat nerd" and that she knew all there was to know about bats. She has also been semi-happily ballet dancing (but very beautifully and gracefully! I don't know where she got that!). Her little sister watches her with unadulterated adoration. It's the sweetest thing to watch, and something I understand completely having older sisters myself. It's been a beautiful thing to watch as their relationship grows and change. They truly enjoy one another and the company. I watch it very happily. Ah, my girls.

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