Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot, Humid, et al.

This week has been hot, sticky and a bit much. I tried really hard to not let crankiness get the better of me, but the heat made it so that a baby was not only attached to me, but literally Stuck to me. The girls (four of them in all) and I spent the days trying to stay cool, but not having much luck. Tuesday we spent a majority of the day in the air conditioned library, and Wednesday we ventured south to the Botanical Gardens. I tried to keep hats on (I told one of the little ones if she didn't leave her hat on I would staple it to her head. She looked at me and grinned. Little imp.) and gooped up in sunblock. Needless to say, I think I managed to keep them from getting sunburnt, but my arms are crispy and red. Oh well.
We explored the rose garden, the waterfalls, the children's garden and a big huge sandbox, which was by far the favourite locale. Although the bear cave was also a hit.
Admittedly having a six year old in tow with all these adventures is VERY helpful and is a perfect addition to the trip. Definitely keeps it all saner then would be otherwise...But so much fun! Any adventure with four little girls has to be just plain wonderful!

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